Cheers to the new!!!

“So what’s new?” My friend asks as she sits down on the opposite chair. We had been planning to meet since long and after almost 52 Sundays gone by we finally managed a day when we both were free. I try to think of an appropriate answer as I mumble “Nothing much. What about you?” She is saying something about the latest spring collection or cupcakes can’t register exactly what. My mind is racing. Almost a year gone by and I have nothing new to talk about. Why don’t I have anything new to talk about? “You have but you don’t want to write about it.” “Umm.. What?” My friend goes on “You just don’t want to write about anything. You will write and think of it as not good enough and never post it. You want everything to be perfect in god knows what sense.” “Nooo. I never do that.” “Yes, you do. When was the last time you posted on your blog? You changed the blog layout because you wanted a better design. And you haven’t posted yet that means a part of you is still not happy with it.”

“Whoa,” I protest. “Hang on a second. That’s not.. errm… okay fine.” My friend is glaring at me. She has never shown any interest in my blog and she surely sounds a little weird.”I was planning to post. I have written some random stuff but nothing that could go on the blog.” “Excuses ! Do you remember you were going to write a post Cheers to the New on New Year Eve. A month has gone by and no post yet.” When did I tell her that? I just can’t comprehend but something is amiss. “Well I was going to but I couldn’t come up with something good.” “There you go another excuse.” She snaps back and bangs the menu card on the table. What is wrong with her. “Why are you after me about this blog thing? Can we talk about something else. You say what’s new in your life.” I try to change the topic as I reach for the keys she dropped.

“New? Of course I could tell you only if you had posted something new.” Suddenly her voice has changed to that of Stephen Hawking (no offence dude). I look up. All I can see is a screen with my blog page on it. A soundless scream escapes from my throat

P.S. The events mentioned are as true as my nightmares. But not anymore hopefully. Who wants to have dreams of their friends turning into screen headed monsters.  Regular blog posts from now on. No more excuses. 😉



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  1. a good read, specially the flashbacks, keep writing.
    btw procrastinators ftw, It took me 5 hours to comment :p
    : Flynn

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