Glam Ego : July 2017

This was my first box of Glam Ego. After hearing a lot about Glam Ego being the most affordable of all the beauty subscriptions out there (so says my mirror-mirror on the wall), it’s time to unravel the truth.

The box arrived with four products neatly wrapped in a green coloured box. I have to commend the frugal and eco-conscious yet smart packaging, as all the products were neatly wrapped using just a single sheet of bubble wrap with adequate space between each product. This is unlike other subscription boxes that use frivolous amounts of bubble wrap and loads of plastic for separately wrapping each product.

Manna Kadar – Lip Locked Priming Lipstick:

This is a relatively new brand in the world of cosmetics with the mantra ‘Beauty Simplified’ and it’s about multi-functional cosmetics. I chose the shade Serenity which is a gorgeous mauve-pink. Since it claims to be a combination of primer and lipstick, I hope it has good staying power. It’s a creamy matte, and the swatch itself shows how much pigmented it is.  And as a bonus, it’s cruelty and paraben free. (Price – ₹1560)

Mond’sub – Pearl Revitalizing Face & Neck Mask:


I’m obsessed with sheet masks so this is the one product that I’m pretty excited about. It’s a face and neck mask which claims to lighten, brighten, lift, firm, and revitalise your skin. This is to be followed up by a Vitamin C essence which is a part of the mask. (Price – ₹250)

Neemli Naturals – Green Tea Lip Scrub:


A soothing green tea lip scrub for smoother and lighter lips. It’s 100% natural with essential oils, no artificial fragrance, and of course green tea. Think of all the antioxidants! (Price – ₹250 for 7 grams)

Bio bloom – Hand & Body Lotion:


Enriched with lavender oil, this hand & body lotion is suitable for all skin types including extremely dry skin. The product has a mild lavender fragrance which fades away quickly. It surely lives up to the moisturising claim, and I’ve been using this mostly as a hand cream. (Price – ₹150 for 30 ml)

As far as the products in the box are concerned, I would give the team Glam Ego full marks for sourcing such worthy products. And at just ₹399, this box is definitely a steal!

Diva’s ⭐ Rating 4/5


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